Clinical Pipeline


NiCord® for Blood Cancers – Shifting the paradigm in bone marrow transplantation

NiCord is an ex vivo expanded cell graft derived from umbilical cord stem cells.  It is in development to be a curative treatment for more than 50% of high risk leukemia and lymphoma patients who need a bone marrow transplant but who do not have the required fully matched donor.

NiCord provides the first evidence that an ex vivo expanded graft can provide a robust and long lasting hematopoietic and immune recovery. It is also the first bone marrow transplant alternative to receive an FDA breakthrough therapy designation.  In addition, NiCord has an FDA and EMEA orphan drug designation.

Enrollment is underway for a Phase 3 confirmatory study of NiCord at leading transplantation centers worldwide.

NiCord Manufacturing Process

NiCord® Manufacturing Process

NiCord Advantages

Studies data available to date has shown that NiCord has the potential to save lives, reduce hospital stays and decrease patient treatment expenses.

In addition, NiCord, in a cryopreserved formulation, smoothly integrates into current transplantation practice and procedures.  Patients can be prepared for transplantation during the NiCord manufacturing period.

NiCord® Smoothly Integrates into Current Transplant Practice and Procedures