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We’re advancing potentially curative cell therapies for cancer.

Our proprietary nicotinamide (NAM) technology enhances and expands innate cells, offering potentially curative options for patients living with blood cancers. Explore our pipeline below for information on our clinical development candidates and ongoing clinical trials.

The safety and efficacy of GDA-201 and Omisirge™ (omidubicel-onlv) for aplastic anemia have not been established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or any other health authority. 

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Hematologic Malignancies
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Severe Aplastic Anemia
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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
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Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
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NAM Technology

Gamida Cell’s proprietary nicotinamide (NAM) technology expands the number of cells while maintaining their intrinsic properties, and enhances cellular functionality and phenotype. Our technology leverages the properties of NAM, creating allogeneic cell therapy products and candidates that are potentially curative for patients with hematologic malignancies. For stem cells, this may mean improved homing and retention in bone marrow and lymph nodes, and increased metabolic fitness. For natural killer (NK) cells, NAM increases cytotoxic effects and resilience under oxidative stress.

NK cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes of the innate immune system capable of killing virally infected and/or cancerous cells, and can be engineered using CAR and gene editing to increase targeting and activation. After expansion in culture, however, NK cells typically lose some of their ability to traffic, localize and proliferate in vivo. This has been suggested as a major cause for the poor survival of adoptively transferred NK cells and their inability to overcome immune resistance in the tumor microenvironment. To address this obstacle, Gamida Cell has developed a reliable, scalable and GMP-compliant culture method for expansion by our proprietary NAM technology that yields highly functional NK cells. These cells have demonstrated ability to kill cancerous cells in both animal models and clinical trials.


Gamida Cell has a wholly owned, fully licensed GMP manufacturing facility.

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