Gamida Cell is the leader in pioneering NAM-enabled cell therapies designed as a curative approach for patients with cancers and other serious diseases.

We are harnessing the power of our proprietary NAM-enabled technology to create therapies with the potential to redefine standards of care in areas of serious medical need and significantly improve patient outcomes. Our NAM-enabling technology enhances the number and functionality of stem cells and immune cells, enabling us to create potentially transformative cell therapies that go beyond what is possible with existing approaches.

Leveraging the unique properties of NAM (nicotinamide), we expand and metabolically modulate multiple innate immune cell types — including stem cells and natural killer cells — with appropriate growth factors to maintain the cell’s active phenotype and enhance potency.

The proof of concept has been validated in clinical trials demonstrating encouraging results that may improve patient outcomes.

How Gamida Cell Uses and Maintains Information Collected from its Clinical Trials

Gamida Cell collects, processes and transfers personal data to and from its investigational clinical sites in accordance with applicable state, federal and international law governing investigational drugs and the use and disclosure of protected health information.

Clinical data collected from Gamida Cell’s clinical studies pertaining to a specific study participant is generally anonymized using a code or other method specifically assigned to each study participant to ensure that they cannot be identified. This applies to activities involving the processing of personal data by or on behalf of Gamida Cell, and in any format whether electronic or paper, regardless of storage location and means.

Study records that identify a study participant will be kept confidential as required by, and in accordance with, applicable law. While the information and data generated from a Gamida Cell clinical study may be presented at scientific meetings or published in a scientific journal, a study participant’s identity will not be revealed.

A description of each Gamida Cell clinical trial is available on,  as required by U.S. Law. This website will not include information that can identify study subjects. Our website may include a summary of the results, which you can search at any time.

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