Clinical Pipeline

NAM-NK Cells

NAM-NK Cells for Blood and Solid Cancers

Natural killer cells (NK cells) are lymphoid cells that play an important role in the immune system and are effective in killing infected or cancer cells.

Unlike T cells, donor NK cells:

  • Do not increase the risk of GvHD and therefore can potentially be developed as an off-the-shelf cell product
  • Have enhanced efficacy and broader applicability in combination with specific antibodies: antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)

NAM-NK has shown in pre-clinical studies to improve the killing efficacy and to overcome some of the limitations of culture expanded NK cells. The NK cells cultured with NAM display superior in-vivo homing, retention and proliferation.

NAM-NK potentiates direct killing mechanisms and secretion of inflammatory cytokines needed for the activation of additional lymphoid.

Gamida Cell is developing donor derived expanded NK cells with enhanced functionality as a treatment for cancer. The NAM-NK product is comprised of highly functional, robust cells that can be manufactured cost effectively and potentially as an off-the-shelf product.