NAM Technology

Cell-based therapies have the potential to address a variety of medical conditions, but one of the key challenges for developing treatments with this approach is the expansion of therapeutically functional cells. In order for cell therapies to be clinically effective, there must be a sufficient quantity of therapeutically active cells for treatment, which requires the donor cells to be expanded in artificial culture conditions. While this may increase the number of cells, the functionality of those cells often diverges from the therapeutic functionality of the original donor cells. This shortcoming in the cells used for treatment can result in suboptimal clinical outcomes.

Our proprietary nicotinamide-based cell expansion technology, or NAM technology, is designed to address this challenge by leveraging the biochemical properties of nicotinamide to expand the number of donor cells while maintaining their functional characteristics. Our optimized manufacturing process results in robust and replicable production, enabling the generation of standardized donor-derived cell therapies, potentially resulting in better clinical outcomes.

We are exploring the broad application of this novel technology to develop cell therapies using stem and progenitor cells from umbilical cord blood and natural killer cells for patients with high-risk blood cancers and rare, serious, blood disorders. Our NAM technology also has potential application for the treatment of solid tumors.