NAM-NK: Harnessing Innate Immunity in Cancer

We have expanded the capabilities of our NAM technology to create a potential immunotherapy for patients with blood cancers and solid tumors using natural killer, or NK, cells.

NK cells play an important role in the immune system’s fight to kill cancer based on their potent anti-tumor properties. Additionally, NK cells do not require genetic matching, potentially allowing for a universal donor-based therapy when combined with standard-of-care antibodies. However, the applicability of these cells in the clinical setting has been limited due to challenges in developing sufficient numbers of functional cells in culture.

We have developed NAM-NK to address current limitations in NK-based cell therapies by expanding donor NK cells using NAM technology to increase the number and functionality of tumor-targeting NK cells. When combined with targeted antibodies, NAM-NK has shown enhanced antibody-dependent cellular toxicity, or ADCC.

An investigator-sponsored Phase 1 study evaluating NAM-NK in combination with antibodies in adult patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma or non-Hodgkin lymphoma is ongoing. Preliminary data from will provide the basis for further exploration in solid tumors. Learn more about the Phase 1 study (NCT03019666) at