Gamida Cell is building a company where every employee’s best work is supported and celebrated for the impact it has on patient’s lives. We are applying the latest advances in the field of cell therapy designed as a potentially curative approach that targets the source of disease with significantly improved outcomes for patients with cancers and other serious diseases. That’s good for patients, health care, and the economy!

Read about patients’ personal journeys through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

These are two patients, and their results may not be indicative of results from other patients treated with omidubicel or GDA-201.

Patient Voices: Stacey Khoury
Years After Transplant, Stacey Khoury Reflects on Her Journey

Read about Stacey’s personal journey through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Meet Stacey
Patient Voices: Wayne Altenbernd
After Treatment for Lymphoma, Wayne Alternbernd Discusses his Journey

Read about Wayne’s experience in a clinical study.

Meet Wayne