our commitment

At Gamida Cell, we work tirelessly to enable cures.

We are a global company united by our passion for science, our spirit of relentless innovation, and — above else — our commitment to changing the lives of patients, families and caregivers affected by blood cancers and rare, serious blood diseases.

Hear from members of our team and explore opportunities to join us.

Meet Gamida

“Knowing that every day I work to bring hope and potentially curative therapies to patients makes every day meaningful.”

PlusRocio Manghani, MPH, Senior Vice President, Market Access

“As someone who has worked at the patient’s bedside for years, it is truly inspiring to accompany a patient through such a life-altering treatment process. It gives us the inspiration and motivation to advance our therapies every day.”

PlusEtty Freind, Clinical Project Manager, U.S.

“The work at Gamida Cell is very interesting. In addition, the potential to save lives is a very rewarding aspect and motivates me to contribute my best every day.”

PlusKeren Rosenberg, Executive Assistant, Israel