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NK Cells for Immune Therapy of Cancer

NK Cells serve as a crucial first line of defense in the human immune system, their role is to search out and kill tumors and a diverse range of pathogens.  Due to this ability, they have gained attention in recent years as a potentially promising tool for the treatment of cancer.

Multiple clinical trials are currently evaluating the safety and efficacy of treating patients suffering from hematological malignancies and metastatic solid tumors with NK cells.

Gamida Cell is using NAM technology to develop a novel NK cell product. The manufacturing process is straight forward, simple and robust.  Efficacy of Gamida Cell’s proprietary NK cell product was demonstrated in multiple  pre-clinical studies:

  • Improved homing and retention of the NK cells to critical tissues such as lung, spleen and bone marrow
  • Increased expression of CD62L/L-selectin, reported to be pivotal for cells trafficking to lymphoid organs and to their homeostatic proliferation
  • Improved self-renewal capacity of the NK cells; This is a measure of NK cells “normal” survival and functionality in vivo
  • Improved secretion of IFNγ, TNFα which are critical for the priming of the adaptive immune system (T cells)
  • Reduced expression of cell receptors involved in tumor escape (immuno-evasion), suggesting better anti-tumor efficacy
  • Effective eradication of multiple myeloma and leukemia tumor cells in two animal models

Based on these findings, Gamida Cell is developing a cell based product for adoptive cell-mediated immune therapy to treat metastatic solid tumors and refractory leukemia. Two Phase 1/2 clinical trials are planned to begin in early 2017. Click here to learn more about the NK cell product.



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