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Bone marrow transplantation is currently the only potential cure for many of the sixty thousand patients with high risk blood cancers indicated for bone marrow transplantation each year. In order to qualify for such a treatment, the patient must have a person/donor with a fully matched tissue typing. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to come by and many of the patients do not find a matched donor in a timely manner for transplantation. As a result, only 50% of patients receive a bone marrow transplant.

NiCord® is a new modality in the treatment of blood cancers and is in development as an alternative to a bone marrow transplant for patients who cannot find a donor with fully matched tissue. The product is an ex vivo expanded cell graft, utilizing Gamida Cell’s proprietary NAM platform technology to expand cells from the umbilical cord blood.  NiCord is enriched with highly functional stem and progenitor cells as well as with immune modulatory myeloid derived dendritic cells.

Based on the preliminary clinical data available, Gamida Cell anticipates that NiCord® has the potential to introduce a paradigm shift in treatment practice by providing a transplantation option that can be available to practically all patients in need. 

Clinical data demonstrate that treatment with NiCord may provide the following benefits:  

  • Increased engraftment potential
  • Rapid engraftment of neutrophils and platelets
  • Engraftment is durable long term
  • Reduced risk for opportunistic infections
  • Reduced GvHD
  • Improved survival
  • Good safety profile 
  • Cost savings from using a single unit of cord blood
  • Cost savings from shorter hospital stays

Gamida Cell is currently engaged in a Phase 1/2 study of NiCord® as an investigational therapeutic treatment for patients with high risk hematological malignancies such as leukemia and lymphoma. Following positive feedback of the Phase III study outline from the FDA and EMA, Gamida Cell will soon  begin a Phase 3 trial of NiCord. 

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