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Company Profile

Gamida Cell Ltd. is a leader in cellular and immune therapy.  The company develops novel curative treatments for orphan hematological diseases and malignancies using stem cells and NK cells.  

Gamida Cell’s therapeutic products are allogeneic (the cells are not sourced from the patient) and do not involve genetic manipulation.

The manufacturing processes which utilize the proprietary platform NAM technology are robust, cost-effective and efficient for commercial production. Gamida Cell’s technologies and products are protected by worldwide patents and numerous patent applications. Gamida Cell owns all worldwide rights to all products in development.

The company’s flagship product NiCord® is a novel graft modality for bone marrow transplantation for patients with high risk leukemia and lymphoma.  NiCord can be available to all patients without the need for full tissue matching, and has the potential to double the number of patients treated.   Gamida Cell will soon begin an international, registration, randomized-controlled, Phase 3 trial of NiCord.  

Based on positive clinical data from the pilot and phase 1/2 studies and because it can be rapidly available to all patients in need, NiCord could become the graft of choice for blood cancer patients indicated for bone marrow transplantation, but who have no sibling fully matched donor.  NiCord also presents pharmacoeconomic advantages such as shorter hospital stays and improved resource utilization in treating the patients. These create incentive to hospitals and payers to use NiCord. Click here to learn about NiCord.

Other pipeline products in development include CordIn and an NK cell product.

CordIn® is in development as an curative treatment for a variety of non-malignant orphan diseases.   CordIn is being studied in a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for patients with sickle cell disease or thalassemia.   A Phase 1/2 study of CordIn as a treatment for aplastic anemia will commence soon. Click here to learn more about CordIn.

Gamida Cell’s NK cell product is an experimental immune therapy for the treatment of blood cancers refractory to chemotherapy.  Phase 1/2 clinical trials are planned to begin in early 2017. Click here to learn more about the NK cell product.

Gamida Cell is supported by a group of investors including: Novartis, Elbit Imaging, Clal Biotechnologies Industries, Israel Healthcare Venture, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Denali Ventures and Auriga Ventures.

Gamida Cell is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel.

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